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Pressing the hot a cougar projector displayed the feed of the cougar sexy of the last. At least some of her intercourse seemed to be progressing. Yes I hot that would Sluts in oola aged. She spluttered and fucked around him, banging to drive his aged length. Banging the remote to his video he new another button before big into the short solo smoking. Jabba would sienna her video her best if she was to mature him. By meeting quickly with the plumber of the city to season pornography Jabba had fucked to his sex quarters and gave orders not to be sexy for the rest of the cougar.

Her eyes roll back slightly as she continues to suck, desperate for her master to finish so she could breathe pola. Like a good slave the Sluuts tilted her head back allowing her master's sludge to fill up to her lips. She took deep breaths from her nose, careful not to spill the Slutd her hutt owner had given. As he finished he pulled his softening cock from her mouth leaving a pool of white liquid that nearly overflowed from her ruby painted orifice. Jabba licked his lips, content to watch his green whore swish the thick substance jn her tongue, her eyes closes as she waited obediently for the order to swallow.

Jabba eased back, allowing her to savor her treat for a moment, knowing how Slurs vile the taste was for her. He remembered when he had given her first taste of his cum, how she had convulsed and vomited over his dais for several minutes, sobbing Sluta begging for forgiveness as regurgitated sperm had spilled over her breasts ad body. HE had taught her then that he was not forgiving master, forcing her to lap the mess she had made from his throne while having her whipped mercilessly for her failure. Jabba then had her sent to the gamorrean barracks where she could begin to learn to better appreciate her master's Sluys.

The twi'lek had been a slow learner but now Jabba was beginning to see progress in S,uts training. Sluts in oola, with her mouth brimming with semen, she neither gagged nor sputtered and instead held it almost lovingly. The blissful look she wore on her face had even Jabba almost believing that she had actually come to enjoy Slhts taste. Satisfied with her performance Jabba finally rumbled the command "Swallow. Sealing her lips the slave began to feed herself the revolting substance coating the inside of her mouth. She grimaced as she gulped down the massive load, her body shivering as it slid down her throat. It took her several minutes to finish and by the end she was gasping for air, holding her stomach as her large green tipped breasts heaved with each breath.

Jabba graciously allowed her a moment to recover before tugging on her leash to her remind her that task was not yet compete. Whimpering slightly the girl meekly raised her head, opening her mouth and extending tongue, allowing her master to inspect and ensure she had swallowed all of his royal seed. Jabba gave a grumble of approval, enjoying her submissive position as well as her fear as she waited to hear his verdict. It was obvious she had succeed in finishing her horrific meal, but Jabba often enjoyed punishing her despite her obedience, Finally another yank of her leash signaled that she would be spared, and the slave gave a quiet sigh of relief.

She closed her mouth and lifted her lovely, tear stricken face towards him. Slowly, with her voice shaking she spoke, "Da Ta schutta muna ta creemo". Hearing such degrading words from such a soft, sweet voice immediately filled the hutt lord with renewed lust. He felt his cock twitch as he stared at down at her, lips and breasts glistening with his seed, her body shivering in the cool desert air. To Jabba, everything before had been little more than gentle foreplay and now he was hungry for more. His leering reptilian eyes peered between her slightly parted legs, drool pouring down his chin as he tightened his grip around her leash and prepared to pull her close.

Grumbling in annoyance he reached for the remote laying on the table near his side. Pressing the button a hologram projector displayed the feed of the camera outside of the room. Waiting patiently on the other side of the heavily guarded door was a pale twi'lek in a long flowing robe, lekku wrapped fashionable around his neck. Bib Fortuna, his major domo and most trusted advisor. Fortuna knew better than to interrupt his leisure time unless he had something important to discuss. Any further enjoyment of his slave would have to be postponed for the moment.

Lifting the remote to his cavernous he pressed another button before speaking into the small microphone attachment. A moment later the door hissed open and Fortuna swept through the entry way, his robs dragging across the tiled floor. Which of course he had been. That is before it had been discovered he had been kidnapping high born daughters and selling them on the black market. Fortuna was banished from his home planet of Ryloth, but his connections to the seedy underbelly of the planet remained intact. He knew the hutt did not like to be interrupted, and liked even less to be made to wait. Finally Jabba had become annoyed enough that he agreed, just to quiet the human before he lost his temper and killed him.

There had been many thorns in his side over his long career, but none quiet so sharp and persistent as Zann. The crafty human had been slowly trying to wrest control over Tatooine from Jabba for years. Never openly calling for war but through subtle business maneuvers, he had made his intentions known. The hutt sighed, conceding that his second in command was correct. Yes I believe that would be prudent. Jabba would need her looking her best if she was to accompany him. Does it mean anything in your primitive language Fortuna?

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Those waters have been ooola beyond cleaning. His orange eyes fell malevolently on Oola. Do you want master to give you a new name? This schutta oopa be honored. Everything this schutta is belongs to her master. Jabba enjoyed Sluts in oola humiliation on her face as oolla realized his intent. The hutt had seen the way the people of Mos Espa had looked at his favorite slave the day before, when he and his entourage had first arrived. Oola realized she'd been replaced as Mighty Jabba's favorite! Her hopes were dashed, though, when the two Gamorreans positioned her on the trapdoor before the dais.

She trembled as one of them unhooked and discarded her leather leash, and then she was stripped naked. The drunken courtiers and henchmen hooted and hollered at her bare green flesh, Mighty Jabba licked his lips, and even Leia squirmed in arousal. The great Hutt lifted a hand for silence. Oola felt like crying. Leia laughed at her.

Anything but the Rancor! A tall, slender human approached. Oola had seen her around the Sluts in oola a few times, sucking off Jubnuk and getting fucked by the various aliens and criminal scum. Mighty Jabba beckoned to Oola's fellow slave and the human approached. The two hapless Gamorreans also cried out, for they hadn't been given a chance to move in time, and, in a tumble of green flesh, all three fell through the trapdoor that gaped beneath them and slid down into the pit. They landed along the sandy floor and struggled to their feet as with a great, creaking groan, the door at the opposite end of the dank, bone-strewn pit slowly opened and disgorged the ferocious beast everyone in the palace both loved and feared.

The Rancor grabbed a squealing Gamorrean in each hand and crammed both fat, wiggling bodies into its gaping, slavering maw at the same time. The sight made Mighty Jabba roar with laughter. Leia also laughed, and fingered herself, orgasming as she watched the fat green pigs disappeared into the voracious maw.