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No no no, we didn't get the last -- but I'm saying, it's still, it's still And do you get all of that season then. Now, are you sites happy with the stairs of the cougar. Fine you wouldn't drive!.

Being a longtime fan of their online shorts, not to mention their work on SNL and the Paramount datjng Hot Rod, the opportunity to interview Jorma was quite the taccine thrill to already getting to sit down for lunch with Chester. Little did I know jorms the afternoon would actually ks The guys were cordial upon meeting them datiny Hollywood restaurant Cafe featured in the Tight mexican nude Swingersbut taccoen you'll read in the interview below and see in the accompanying video graciously put together by Chez and Jorm!

It was quite the unique twccone, to say the least. Thanks for meeting with dtaing Who is jorma taccone dating, guys! When I spoke with Chester last August, we talked a lot about the history of The Lonely Island, so now we should get into some more up to date stuff. The first thing I want to talk about is the writer's strike. This is the first week of SNL, actually. And you're both WGA members? So how did the strike affect you? We had been working pretty steadily since we got the show, basically, either on the show doing all the digital shorts or on Hot Rod. So for us it was a little bit of a mini-vacation kind of thing. But that lasts about a month and then you start to really wanna get back to work and do anything creative 'cause you miss it a lot, I would say.

I don't know, how was it for you? Oh well, thank you for asking, Jorm! Well, being that I don't work on SNL, I haven't been working as steadily as you guys for three years. So the only thing that really affected me was that I wasn't able to take meetings and I wasn't able to, like, try to pitch stuff, which was frustrating for three months, but overall it was kind of like, "Well, I'm still on my schedule You scabbed a bunch though too, didn't you? Yeah, I worked a bunch on Ellen, actually. I'm good friends with Ellen now. You scabbed like the first day, too, right? Once I heard you guys were striking, I said, "Chez time!

Chez time, let's go to work, make some money! This guy's the best in the biz.

Now, are you guys happy with the results of the strike? The deal that the writers got? I don't get to scab anymore! Who is jorma taccone dating, you were pretty bummed out. I voted that we still strike -- I wanted to strike for another year and a half at least! Right, 'cause you were makin' monnnney! I was cashin' in! I used to come here a taccohe And Who is jorma taccone dating -- and their '94 Merlot. I can't tacxone what joma question was now. All you have to know is that Chez tzccone going to make as much money this year datijg the strike just ended rating To tell you the truth, I have no idea what the deal is like at all.

I Whho read anything about it We got the same -- we actually got the percentages we wanted? No no no, we didn't get the exact -- but I'm saying, it's still, it's still You got online stuff though. Especially, you know, a lot of your stuff ends up online. Yeah I think that for the online stuff though, I think it needs to be like an hour long thing. Like I don't know, does it cover shorts? But the thing is that, you guys, your digital shorts, you still don't necessarily, you wouldn't get paid for that, right? I mean now that they show it online?

I mean, do you? Are you getting paid? I mean, but say for the DGA though, if you directed like an hour long segment for the DGA, you would get, I think it's like bucks or something like that, for them to be able to replay it for 6 months online. And if they want to do it for another 6 months, you'd get another dollars. I am a part of the DGA, but I don't think that that would actually cover a short, like anything under an hour. What does DGA stand for? Yeah, it might be "of Armenia". It's like a twist! Oh, I thought DGA stands for That's what you thought it was? I don't know why they started a guild, but Dick, Gary, and Asa started a guild. Maybe we should check online after this.

Watch: Michelle Morgan, Jorma Taccone and Dree Hemingway Talk ‘L.A. Times’

There's, like, a wealth of information, I've been told, on the internet. I would love to find out what the guild -- I would like to join the guild! Let's do it after this! The Dick, Gary, and Asa Guild. Or we could start our own guild. We just did it. I like that we're millionaires! Chez and Jorma clink their glasses together in a cheers, and I try to join in. Paul, you're sick, so you shouldn't clink. So what are the pressures of working on SNL on that tight schedule every week Well, it gets pretty grueling. Especially if you Russian nudist cooking multiple episodes in a row, we get progressively more and more exhausted as it goes, 'cause you end up staying up really, really late, especially to complete Who is jorma taccone dating digital shorts.

And often times, the more weeks we do in a row, the later in the week we actually do a digital short. So when we did "Dick in a Box", we came up with the idea for it late Thursday, finished the song Friday morning, filmed a little bit of it Friday morning, ended filming -- 'cause you know, Justin Timberlake had to go off and do the rest of the show, he has to do the sound stuff as well, obviously he's the musical guest -- and so we finished filming at probably 2 or 3 in the morning on Saturday and then started editing at like, I don't even know, 4: So it's like, if you do that kind of thing multiple weeks in a row, you start to really lose your mind.

I know what Rockerfeller Center is like, but During the down time on SNL, do you guys bone a lot of girls in your office? That's a great question, Chez! I was really talking about Samberghini Andy Samberg. No, I was gonna say -- I'm married, so yes. I bone a lot of girls in my office. And Kiv Akiva Schaffer also? Kiv is neutered, right? No, Kiv bones dudes. So yes all around, except for Andy. I feel like every time you do a podcastthat's all you want to hear about, too, is our sex lives. Why are you so interested? I feel like when I see Kenan ThompsonKenan looks like a dude that would like, bone girls on his down time, like in the office.

So you want to compare us to Kenan Thompson? And you just want to know that we bone as many girls as Kenan? I want to know if you're as cool as him. I don't think that's But we give it a shot every week! Do you like when I ask you these questions or do you feel intimidated? That's the first time I've ever answered that question honestly. I bone tons of chicks, Kiv bones dudes, and Andy's celibate. Okay, thank you for answering my question. Now how do I follow that up?! Has Lorne ever -- Jorma and Chester then hold the interview hostage by pulling out some alcohol and drinking straight from the bottle, claiming they can't eat without something to wash it down.

They offer it to me but I decline. The drinking continues with lunch for quite some time. All right, sorry, go ahead. Um, not as much anymore, dude. Things have changed since the last time I talked to you, yeah. I just haven't -- you know, when I'm not surrounded by it, I don't really crave it that much. Dude, these are hard-hitting questions! America wants to know! Well, I'm trying to give America what they want. They just keep asking about crepes! I told you I couldn't find any good ones there? Yeah yeah, have you? No, I still haven't been able to find any. You know, turn the recorder off, we can't talk anymore until you have a crepe.

Well, when I was in Paris, I had some good breakfast-type crepes -- Chez: Well now I'm jealous. Since we're bragging now, I've been to Italy! Well we're not interested in Italy. We're talking about crepes, and they don't serve crepes in Italy. We don't want to talk about gelato -- Jorm: Have you ever been to Italy? Then you wouldn't know! Yeah, when you get off the plane they give you a crepe. With sales surprisingly low, Conner's manager, Harry Tim Meadowssuggests having Aquaspin, a manufacturer that makes home appliances, sponsor the tour. The company's appliances begin playing Conner's songs when in use, causing a nationwide power outage that generates a wave of backlash among Conner's fans.

Conner begins his album tour, but the shows do not sell as well as he had hoped. Harry suggests they hire hip-hop artist Hunter the Hungry Chris Redd as an opening act, and the ticket sales begin to rise. Conner starts to add new gimmicks to his act, including a robotic mask for Owen, publicizing his relationship with actress Ashley Wednesday Imogen Pootsand a stage trick where he changes costumes in seconds behind a curtain. The trick is seemingly botched in Nashvillewhen Conner becomes naked without a penis mid-concert, thus becoming the subject of mockery. Conner's publicist, Paula Sarah Silvermansuggests he pull another publicity stunt to deflect attention from his humiliation.

Conner decides to propose to Ashley on live TV, with a display including a number of trained wolves and a performance by Seal. The music agitates the wolves and they break loose, mauling Seal and the attendees. The backlash against Conner grows, and Ashley breaks up with him and starts dating Seal, who sues Conner for his injuries. Owen, worried about the declining quality of his friend's music, sets up a meeting between himself, Conner, and Lawrence. The reunion ends poorly when Conner refuses to acknowledge that Lawrence wrote the track that launched his career. Despite Conner's poor reputation, The Tonight Show agrees to book him on an episode. Jimmy Fallon suddenly invites Conner to perform the Style Boyz' hit song "Donkey Roll" along with Owen, which is received well by the crowd despite Conner's reluctance.

As the tour progresses, Hunter begins to overshadow Conner, selling more records than him and dragging out his act before Conner's show. At a concert, Hunter announces that he will perform as long as possible, causing Conner to rush the stage. A brawl ensues when Hunter quietly admits that he orchestrated Conner's wardrobe malfunction. Conner demands that Harry let Hunter go and fires Harry after finding out that he has signed Hunter.